Monday, 28 July 2014

The Winter Blues

Sometimes blue as a nail polish colour is a really tricky shade to pull off and I don't own many true blue shades purely because of that reason. I always think about the times that I wear blue nail polishes and I generally wear them around the winter time bc it just feels right?! AMIRITE?

Bourjois 1 Seconde Nail Polish - "Bleu Water" This is the lightest out of all the shades I have chosen and some would say that this is more of a spring colour but wateva. I like it! The colour is more on the sky blue side of lighter blues and I think the colour is SO unique for a sky blue! Plus the bottle is real cute and the formula is top notch!

Revlon Colorstay - "Blue Slate"  This shade is definitely my favourite out of all of the blues I own because it has a grey undertone to it making it the most subtle shade of blue! I have gotten tonnes of compliments when I wear this shade at work which doesn't really happen.. ever.. So this colour is A-OKAY in my books!

OPI - "Kiss Me at Midnight" I believe this was a part of the Mariah Carey Christmas Collection?? I got this blue in a mini set which is good for those with full nail polish bottle commitment issues. What is so unique about this shade is that it has a liquid sand finish so it's all bumpy and glittery! + the shade is a pretty royal blue for the more daring of nail polish wearers.

Essie - "Butler Please" Every time I wear this shade my inner nerd just goes cray. All I can say is TARDIS BLUE!! Every time that I wear this nail polish, I feel like watching Doctor Who for a week straight! {Totally Possible tho!!} The only thing I don't like about this polish is the stain-age left behind... om g.. Let's not talk about that..

Essie - "No More Film" is the darkest of all the blues and is one of the darkest polishes that I own. There's something about the shade that gives off that real sophisticated and hey-look-at-me-I'm-a-responsible-and-reliable-adult-who-likes-navy-nail-polish kinda vibes. It looks great paired with red lipstick or a gold accent nail!! Werk that parisian look gurl!

What is your go-to colour in Winter?


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