Wednesday, 22 January 2014

NARS Limited Edition Blush: Final Cut

Whilst in Melbourne I took a not so quick visit to Mecca Maxima and was on the hunt for another NARS blush. I had no idea where to start because I'm terrible at picking shades so I asked one of the ladies to help me out. She took me over to a display which had some new products from NARS called the Final Cut Collection which had some beautiful shades of pink in both blushes and lip crayons.

I picked up the blush called "Final Cut" and it's a matte peachy-coral colour which is something that I don't really lean towards when choosing a blush, I'm more of a pink gal but hey I wanted to try something new and not get something similar to what I already own. At first I wasn't sure about the colour but then the lady at Mecca Maxima tried a little on my face and I instantly loved it. It's very sheer compared to other NARS blushes which I love because it gives a flushed look to the face and it is very build-able. I've never owned a matte blush and I like it so far because I find it more natural looking than blushes that have shimmer in it.

I really like the colour of this blush and I tend to wear it more with a red lip because they compliment each other so well. The Final Cut Blush Collection has four beautiful shades and they are available online at Mecca Cosmetica.

I would love to hear your thoughts on the Final Cut Collection



  1. i love this collection - i'm debating between this "final cut" blush and the "new attitude" shade. both of them are equally gorgeous! the satin lip pencils are also so so tempting... :)

    rachel x

    1. I know!! I'm trying so hard not to buy the lip pencils as well!! xx

  2. What a beautiful shade, it looks flawless on you!

    1. thanks, I think I like it more than some of the pink blushes I own :) xx


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